Life coaching has been used for many decades now. It is considered a pivotal component in helping clients to change things that they aren’t happy with by setting and reaching goals that are set and reached with an outcome in mind.

Many people from all walks of life attend life coaches to help resolve difficulties that they face in their personal or professional life. It is the role of the life coach to help the client break down the problem, identify their desired outcome, and to reach this outcome using a series of tools that their life coach can provide.


You must always ask this question. A life coach (or any other professional) wont be at all offended if asked for credentials. They should be fully trained and insured. Over the years, Ireland has been quite passive in relation to regulation of both counselling and life coaching. More recently, there has been some developments in terms of regulation, which will be a welcome outcome for all, professionals and service users alike. Once you can identify that a professional has been trained and is insured, there is another very important factor in ascertaining whether you will work with any professional, and that is rapport. If you feel judged, or anything other than equal – leave. Any professional that you attend for any kind of assistance should treat you as an equal. We all face challenges and struggles throughout our lives, and that does not make us less. The sole objective of a life coach is to work alongside a client, sharing information and tools that will help their client to reach targets/goals. It is an alliance.


Life and business coaches tend to have a diverse skillset in terms of helping clients who present with a variety of problems. Coaches can help with issues relating to:

  • Personal Life
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Career
  • Health
  • Personal Development

Many people present to life coaches with challenges that they want to resolve, often they don’t think that they will have success. In my view, the relationship between a client and a life coach is that of a team. They work together towards identifying and setting goals, and the life coach supports the client in achieving them.

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